KTM Super Moto Fender

As part of my struggle to ride the KLR in strong winds, I ordered a KTM Super Moto front fender. I previously had ordered a fender stiffener for the stock "beak" fender, but did not install it. I was never a fan of the KLR's stock front fender and deided to try the KTM fender to see if I liked the look better. I read a lot of posts on the KLR forums where other liked the KTM fender and the handling improvement that came with it.

This week the new fender arrived and installing it was a breeze. The stock fender comes off by removing 4 - 8mm screws and disconnecting the speedo cable at the front wheel. Thread the cable back through the fender bracket and the old fender is off.

The new fender needs four holes drilled to mount on the bike. Do this carefully to ensure a proper fit. I cut a peice of cardboard from the shipping box and traced the screw holes from the old fender. I then put a couple of peices of masking tape on the new fender and marked the holes from the cardboard template. I double checked the holes by measuring between them and diagonally to ensure they were square. You do not want your new fender pointing off at 11 oclock or 2 oclock when you are driving down the highway!

Once I was sure the holes were spaced correctly and straight, it was a simple matter to drill the holes and mount the fender to the bike with the original mounting screws. My first impression was that I really liked the look of the smaller fender. My apologies to the guys who prefer the stock fender, but that giant "beak" hanging over the front tire did not appeal to me. Next, was the real test, to see how the KLR handed in the wind with the smaller fender.

A couple days later I was on the highway in a strong, gusty, crosswind. I felt the usual side buffeting, but overall the bike was completely stable. The handle bars did not fight me and I was in control of the bike. The front wheel wobble I had previously noted in high winds was no longer a problem. The new front fender did exactly whas I had hoped.

The KTM fender is still on the front of the bike, but I have decided to hang on to the old Beak Fender. The KTM fender is great in the wind, but it is much short on the back side than the stock fender. When trail riding or on gravel roads, the stock fender will provide better protection to the radiator and lower front of the bike. With only four easily accessible screws, swapping fenders will be a peice of cake, and only adds to the KLR's well known versatility.