Thermo-Bob Install

Last week I ordered the Thermo-Bob mod and was very excited to find it in yesterday's mail. Spring temps in our area have not warmed much above 70 degrees so far this year and the KLR's temp needle has barely risen from the "C" when we have been out. I was very curious to see what Thermo-Bob would do for me.

The installation was very simple and straight forward using the instructions printed from the internet. This was my first time removing the gas tank and fairings so that probably took longer than installing the Thermo-Bob. While I had everything apart, I took several pictures of the bike stripped "naked", she looked a lot different.

Two mistakes that you will want to avoid when you Thermo-Bob your KLR. First, run the gas tank to almost empty. My tank was half full which made that monster even more awkward during removal and installation. Second, don't forget to reinstall the coolant drain plug before refilling the cooling system. That oversight on my part created a small mess on the garage floor. But, I had kitty litter on hand to clean it up so it was not really a big deal.

It was nearly dark by the time I finished, but I had to take her out for a ride. It was a cool evening, 51 degrees, but the temp needle stayed solidly in the mid range during the test ride. Two improvements that other guys had noticed from this mod was smoother shifting and better acceleration. I noticed both of these right away and was very happy with how the bike performed.

Overall, the Thermo-Bob mod is easy and well worth the time and trouble. I would recommend this to every KLR rider who is interested in longer engine life without burning oil. The smoother shifts and zippy take offs are also nice. Better gas mileage is another expected benefit, but I have not ridden enough yet to know.