January 8, 2015

Wolfman E-12 Enduro Saddlebags Review

I bought the Wolfman E-12 Saddlebags to use on day trips with my Green DRZ. These are smaller saddlebags for enduro bikes, and they fit the KLX perfectly. They are quality bags, made of heavy duty material and zippers, and liked them right away. Just what I needed for overnighters on the KLX 400.

Yet, they have migrated over to the KLR and stayed there for several months. I don't plan on removing them anytime soon. These are great bags and I am amazed at how much they can hold. They will carry several plastic shopping bags of stuff, but are small and low profile enough to stay out of the way when not needed. Between errands and weekend rides, they have found a home on the KLR.

The above picture comes from Wolfman's installation sheet and shows why the E-12 bags don't require mounting racks. They lay across the seat with two adjustable 2 inch straps and the lower mounting straps fasten wherever needed. The "Tension-O-Matic Rear Mounting" strap was a pain and I removed it from the bags. Even without this rear harness the bags stay secure and ride just fine.

The bags are not waterproof, so I simply sprayed waterproofing on them. After several short trips through "normal" rain showers, nothing in them has ever been wet. Try riding long distance through heavy downpours or crossing a deep river, and your results may vary. A dry bag would be very useful in this situation. I did not buy them for that sort of riding so that's never been a problem for me. While I bought them for the smaller bike, they work great and look good on the KLR and I would buy them again. These bags are a quality solution for extra carrying capacity.

January 6, 2015

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route Trailer

Less than one month remains until the new Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route will be revealed in Boise. I don't mind saying that I am excited and this video only adds to it. The trailer shows the great potential of the Idaho BDR and provides a glimpse of the awesome riding the new route will open for all dual sport and adventure riders. Regardless of your skill level, the challenge of the Idaho backcountry awaits!

December 31, 2014

Rides to Remember from 2014

The clock is winding down on 2014 and I want to say Thank You to all KLR650 Adventures readers. Soon, we will pass 100,000 views and I hope you will be back for more adventures in 2015!

Before 2014 ends, here is my second annual video slide show highlighting the past year. The bikes and rides include KLRs, DRZs, and even Scoopy the Scooter, who had the heart of a KLR, but not the suspension. Happy New Year everyone!

December 28, 2014

Gaerne G-Adventure Boot Waterproof Test

Following my last post on the Gaerne boots, I received several questions about the "waterproof" claim that comes with these boots.

I have rode through water while wearing these boots and was happy with their performance. For a more serious test, I put on my boots and stepped into the my bath tub. Watch the video to see is what happened. 

December 27, 2014

Gaerne G-Adventure Boot Review

I've worn these Italian, leather, Gaerne G-Adventure boots for several months and it's time for a review. I spent the summer scraping and kicking through dirt, water, mud, and rocks with these boots and they are still in great shape. These are some tough, dependable, riding boots and I like them a lot.

The G-Adventure boots are full height, crossover style boots that give solid foot protection for on or off-road riding. They have a solid build that feels good on your foot, but are lightweight and comfortable enough for all day wear. They have some features that work well on the road or trail. Notice the shift pad over the toes, and the three individually adjustable buckles. The upper shin protector has saved me a couple of times when my foot has slipped from the peg.

Inside the boot is comfortably padded, with a built-in, one piece, waterproof membrane that keeps out water, and insulates in cold weather. This membrane is also breathable to wick moisture and sweat away from your feet during warmer weather rides. The membrane folds inside the the front of the boot when it is latched closed and the front flap has a velcro tab on top for a snug fit around your leg.

On the bottom, the G-Adventure boots have lugged soles for solid footing while standing on the pegs. They are also flexible enough to allow for shifting or for walking. The bottoms appear similar to many hiking or other outdoor boots, and are perfect for off road riding. The soles on my pair look good after a lot of time standing on my pointy and very grippy SW Motech foot pegs. These pegs are pointy enough to cut into the soles of some other boots.

There are no surprises on the back sides. The ribbed area lets your ankle bend when needed, but still maintains the boots' overall support and protection. These are quality boots that are rugged enough for enduro riding, adventure touring and going anywhere off of the tarmac. They also lightweight and comfortable enough for a cross country road tour, If you are looking for waterproof, foot protection, I really recommend them.

Click here to see my waterproofing test on these boots.

December 22, 2014

The New Backcountry Discovery Route

The latest installment of the terrific Backcountry Discovery Route series will add Idaho to the growing list of BDR states. The Idaho BDR will premiere February 4 in Boise. The BDR series has already charted off-road, adventure routes across Arizona, Utah, and Washington with several additional state routes in development.

The Idaho BDR has been in development for some time and it is exciting news that Idaho will soon be joining the list of BDR ride states. The route will open new challenges for off road and adventure riders in the Gem State region. For now, the only details available on the new route are from the BDR website:

The IDBDR is the fifth route developed by the Backcountry Discovery Routes organization for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel.  The IDBDR is a south-to-north route across the state of Idaho covering over 1,400 miles of mostly non-paved track.  The route begins in the old western town of Jarbidge Nevada and meanders through the west side of the Idaho Rocky Mountains on the way to the Canadian Border at the Idaho Panhandle. Two stunning and historic backroads are part of the IDBDR - the Magruder Corridor and the Lolo Motorway.  Several small mountain towns in Idaho are visited along the way including Yellow Pine, Burgdorf Hot Springs, Elk City, Avery, Wallace, and Clark Fork.

For more info on the currently available BDR routes and those in development, click here: Backcountry Discovery Routes.

December 17, 2014

Pelican Case Warranty Rocks!

I don't know when or how the right side latch of my Pelican 1450 case broke. One day it just would not latch down. Bummer! I was pretty disappointed, since this case has been behind me for many, many, miles and did not want to lose it over a broken latch.

The problem was easy to see and I called Pelican's customer service line. The Pelican rep was totally cool. He apologised for the broken latch, and immediately promised replacement latches. I told him only one side was broken, but he offered two latches anyway. He took down my info and few days later I had new latches - no cost to me and with free shipping!

I am really pleased with Pelican's customer service. These days few companies are so quick to take care of their customers or stand behind their products. Thanks Pelican!

Now, I just need to find time to install them.