Last Ride During the Corona Scare

Idaho Governor Brad Little recently ordered Idahoans to stay home unless they have essential business out of the house. I carefully reviewed the Governor's list of essential reasons and sadly "motorcycle joy riding" is not on there. Perhaps this oversight will be corrected in the near future. So, I am staying home like folks in many other areas of the country.

It is a small sacrifice as I count my many blessings during this troubling time. My family and friends are all healthy and have avoided Covid-19.  We are working and have toilet paper, food, and all the necessities to ride this thing out. Our prayers are for the thousands of others who have family and/or friends who are ill or are sick themselves. Not to mention the many who have lost family and friends to this virus. This is a serious and troubling time.

I made this video the night before our governor ordered everyone to stay home. It's a short ride around town and is a bit odd because there are very few cars out. Normally, these streets would be much more crowded.

I don't know when I will be riding again. The stay at home order lasts until April 15 and I am planning for that day. Meanwhile I have plenty to do around the house and will be blogging when I can. Stay safe, wash your hands, and keep your distance from others. We will get through this.

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