Gaerne G-Adventure Boot Review

I've worn these Italian, leather, Gaerne G-Adventure boots for several months and it's time for a review. I spent the summer scraping and kicking through dirt, water, mud, and rocks with these boots and they are still in great shape. These are some tough, dependable, riding boots and I like them a lot.

The G-Adventure boots are full height, crossover style boots that give solid foot protection for on or off-road riding. They have a solid build that feels good on your foot, but are lightweight and comfortable enough for all day wear. They have some features that work well on the road or trail. Notice the shift pad over the toes, and the three individually adjustable buckles. The upper shin protector has saved me a couple of times when my foot has slipped from the peg.

Inside the boot is comfortably padded, with a built-in, one piece, waterproof membrane that keeps out water, and insulates in cold weather. This membrane is also breathable to wick moisture and sweat away from your feet during warmer weather rides. The membrane folds inside the the front of the boot when it is latched closed and the front flap has a velcro tab on top for a snug fit around your leg.

On the bottom, the G-Adventure boots have lugged soles for solid footing while standing on the pegs. They are also flexible enough to allow for shifting or for walking. The bottoms appear similar to many hiking or other outdoor boots, and are perfect for off road riding. The soles on my pair look good after a lot of time standing on my pointy and very grippy SW Motech foot pegs. These pegs are pointy enough to cut into the soles of some other boots.

There are no surprises on the back sides. The ribbed area lets your ankle bend when needed, but still maintains the boots' overall support and protection. These are quality boots that are rugged enough for enduro riding, adventure touring and going anywhere off of the tarmac. They also lightweight and comfortable enough for a cross country road tour, If you are looking for waterproof, foot protection, I really recommend them.

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