The New Backcountry Discovery Route

The latest installment of the terrific Backcountry Discovery Route series will add Idaho to the growing list of BDR states. The Idaho BDR will premiere February 4 in Boise. The BDR series has already charted off-road, adventure routes across Arizona, Utah, and Washington with several additional state routes in development.

The Idaho BDR has been in development for some time and it is exciting news that Idaho will soon be joining the list of BDR ride states. The route will open new challenges for off road and adventure riders in the Gem State region. For now, the only details available on the new route are from the BDR website:

The IDBDR is the fifth route developed by the Backcountry Discovery Routes organization for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel.  The IDBDR is a south-to-north route across the state of Idaho covering over 1,400 miles of mostly non-paved track.  The route begins in the old western town of Jarbidge Nevada and meanders through the west side of the Idaho Rocky Mountains on the way to the Canadian Border at the Idaho Panhandle. Two stunning and historic backroads are part of the IDBDR - the Magruder Corridor and the Lolo Motorway.  Several small mountain towns in Idaho are visited along the way including Yellow Pine, Burgdorf Hot Springs, Elk City, Avery, Wallace, and Clark Fork.

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