Pelican Case Warranty Rocks!

I don't know when or how the right side latch of my Pelican 1450 case broke. One day it just would not latch down. Bummer! I was pretty disappointed, since this case has been behind me for many, many, miles and did not want to lose it over a broken latch.

The problem was easy to see and I called Pelican's customer service line. The Pelican rep was totally cool. He apologised for the broken latch, and immediately promised replacement latches. I told him only one side was broken, but he offered two latches anyway. He took down my info and few days later I had new latches - no cost to me and with free shipping!

I am really pleased with Pelican's customer service. These days few companies are so quick to take care of their customers or stand behind their products. Thanks Pelican!