"Chrome at the Home" Bike Show for Veterans

This past Saturday was the "Chrome at the Home" event for residents at the Idaho State Veteran's home in Boise. The event was organized by some local Harley groups and I was there as a volunteer.

The day was cool and rainy which really hurt attendance, but regardless of the weather, the aging veterans were very enthusiastic to make friends, chat, and to see the many bikes on hand.

The day's various events included a bike show, a couple of fundraising auctions, as well as cookout. Later in the day, the Harley groups did a poker run and the cold rain stopped so they had a dry ride. 

This young volunteer manned the POW-MIA booth which honored Idaho's 8 Vietnam vets who remain missing, but not forgotten, so many years after the war's end. 

To me, this is the Captain America bike that Chris Evans briefly rode in the first movie. It's probably not the same, but it is pretty close. Before you mention that drip pan under the engine, remember this veteran was fighting for freedom before most of us were born!

Here was another vintage war machine. This awesome Jeep was a popular attraction with the vets and it is easy to see why. I would love a chance to fire that machine gun mounted in the rear!

As a KLR rider, I felt a bit out of place among the patch covered, leather vests, and the loud pipes that save lives. Regardless, I was glad to help where needed and my hat is off to these Harley Riders for their caring and sincere efforts in holding this great for the state's veteran's.