KLR650 Utility Racks by Precision Motorcycle Racks

Crash bars are a good start for protecting your KLR, but they leave the back half of the bike exposed to impacts. I cover my rear with utility racks (sometimes called "eBay racks") from Precision Motorcycle Racks in San Diego, California. PMR sells these on eBay but, don't let the eBay scammers selling junk scare you off, these racks are the good stuff.

For about $100 you get a left side and ride side rack with installation hardware. The racks mount in less than 15 minutes with just an Allen wrench. They look pretty cool and provide solid protection for your bike. The racks are welded from heavy duty stock, and are available for Gen1 and Gen 2 KLRs. I have tested them a couple of times and aside from a few scratches, they can take a beating. I've never had a complaint with them, but I have learned that PMR gives great customer service.

A couple of months ago I ordered racks for another Gen 2 bike. When the box arrived, I set it aside and pretty much forgot about it for several weeks. I finally opened the box and found racks for a Gen 1 bike. A lot of time had passed since I ordered them and I expected a big hassle with getting an exchange. Instead I was very pleasantly surprised.

I emailed Lee at PMR, who took responsibility for the mix up and quickly sent the correct racks at no charge. That was awesome customer service, especially since I was not completely sure that I ordered the right set to start with! I returned the first set to PMR and was glad to find a reputable company that I could recommend to others. If you want some extra armor for your bike, look for these utility racks on eBay, listed by seller "losi3030".