2013 KLR650 Review

It's the time of year to pull up a chair next to the fire and start reading the reviews of the 2013 bikes. When it comes to the KLR, the reviewers have a difficult time, because this bike is the same as last year's and the previous years's see where I am going.

With that in mind, here is the Total review of the 2013 KLR. The article is right-on in describing the KLR650 and its on-and-off road capabilities. But, I was surprised the article failed to discuss the one significant change in the 2013 model and they did not include a picture - I have corrected their oversight here...

New for 2013, along with the updated decals, the KLR is available in Pearl Solar Yellow. In simpler terms I would call it yellow or gold. That is an unusual color for the bike and will certainly turn some heads when riding on the street.

Aside from that, the Total article reads like previous KLR reviews. It affordably and reliably takes you anywhere you want to go. That's nothing new or exciting to those familiar with the bike.  For those considering the leap into dualsport motorcycling with the KLR 650, it is worth the time to read. Just click the link below...

Total Reveiw of the 2013 KLR650