Fly Racing Maverik ATV-Dual Sport Boots Review

In my innocence, I thought that buying new boots, would be quick and easy since my needs were simple. All I wanted was foot protection and ankle support in a comfortable boot. But, it was neither quick or easy because boot shopping combines a little bit of knowing what you want, with a lot of crossing your fingers and rolling the dice. I am a rotten gambler, so I depend on dumb luck to see me through most things. 

Yeah - that is my gambling problem!
This epic began with several frustrating evenings spent reading on-line reviews. Not a lot of help there. While many people like a specific boot for fit, comfort, and protection; just as many others hate the same boot for the very same reasons. Often, it's a 50-50 chance that you will like the boot - or hate it. Even a bad gambler wants better odds than those, so I went out and tried on some boots. Sometimes you gotta get your hands - or feet in this case - dirty if you want to get anything done.

I hate shopping, but visited several stores, tried some different boots, and found new issues. For example, once you get past the style thing, all new boots are the same - stiff, uncomfortable, and they hurt a bit. Yes, they all will improve with wear. But, after a few minutes of wearing them around a store, you can't predict how they will feel in six months. Too bad my crystal ball was at home in a Pelican case. My dumb luck had failed me. And there were other problems.

Everyone has some shame connected with their feet, from foot odor to those little nail infection monsters. Mine is a right foot that is slightly larger than my left. I am ok with that. It's not freakish or anything, and the other kids never made fun of me in school, but it complicates buying footwear. In this case, when everything else was good, the right boot was too tight. I was getting no where, and could not decide on a boot. Should I settle for Alpine, Fox, Thor, or keep looking?

This guessing and second-guessing ended when I tried the Fly Maverik ATV/Dual Sport boots. No worries about foot protection and ankle support with them. A dinosaur could step on your ankle, and in these boots you probably would not notice. The lower height and lugged soles seemed perfect for trail riding. I wear a size 10W shoe, but the size 11 Maveriks fit just fine, even on my right foot. I bought them and got out of the store, glad that my quest for boots had ended. But, rather than enjoy a ride with my new boots, my dumb luck was about to fail me again.

As luck would have it, the new Maveriks were really stiff and much more uncomfortable than I expected. It was a pain for several rides, but I stuck with them and after a few hours of wear they were fine. The Velcro closure keeps them snug around the leg and the three bindings have withstood some pretty tough wear. I have abused these boots and they clean up almost as good as new. They do everything I wanted and that is the best you can say about any of your gear. I am still a rotten gambler, but with enough time, dumb luck finally came through for me again.