2012 KLR650 Change Can Be Good

Ask anyone and they will tell you that I do not like change. I generally prefer things to stay as they are. I will concede that 8 track tapes, Low-D TV, dial-up internet, and That 70's Show were all things that needed to change and the world is a better place for it. But, most change is not so significant and is therefore not needed. You might dismiss my attitude by saying, "Well, those old guys are all that way," and I would agree. Except in my case.

I was never a fan of change, even while looking over my shoulder at Wal-Mart to be sure that nobody noticed me in front of the Just For Men hair color display. Besides, restoring my hair to its youthful, sun bleached, brown was a good change; a needed change...and nobody even knows....

This brings us to the changes on the new 2012 KLR650.

Pictures and specs for the 2012 model are online at the Kawasaki site, with no surprises for the new model year. That's good, because most change is bad; remember that "superman" who replaced Christopher Reeves? The one improvement for 2012 is the blacked out rims, fork, and swing arm. This looks good in pictures and I am excited to see this bike in the flesh. Kawasaki carried forward the varied shades of  Red, Blue, and Black paint and plastics from previous years with one exception.

Last year's "burnt candy orange" is not in the new line up, which surprised me. I seriously considered the Orange 2011 KLR over the Blue model that I finally chose. I finally chose the Blue model because of its performance. The Blue KLRs are much fast than the other colors. Don't take my word for it, ask any Blue KLR rider. But the Red 2012 would be my choice this time around and is probably almost as fast as my Blue bike. I can always tell a fast bike just by observation - it's a gift.

While I enjoy the new Red model as eye candy, I will not be trading in my Blue 2011 for a Red 2012. Although I could understand anyone feeling the pull of that Red model. The blacked out rims and so on, are a great look for the new bikes. A color change like that is sure to add a couple of MPH to top end speed, the same effect that Just For Men had on me!