2012 KLR650 Prices and Buying Tips

This week I visited the local Kawi dealer to see and talk about the 2012 KLR. Imagine my surprise when I learned they were sold out. More bikes are on order, but the salesman could not say when they would arrive. So, I chatted with my friend who owns the dealership and came away with 4 important points to consider before putting down your money on this bike.....
  • Don't wait too long to buy: The new look is very popular and the bikes are selling well over the country. Dealers in larger markets will get more of them, but in a larger market, more people will be buying. With these bikes in short supply - and it's only February - get one while they are available in your area. Wait for a better price, and you may have to wait another year to get one. 
  • Bring your checkbook and do your homework before buying. MSRP is $6,300 and depending on your market, you may not get it for much less. I've heard of 2012s selling at $5,800 but most buyers will not get that price. My dealer friend said the 2012s will sell at, or very near, $6,300 because people like the new look and only the 2012 has it.
  • Simple economics: Short supply and high demand will make this a seller's market for the 2012. Gas prices are going up now, and are expected to rise more before summer. With their great gas mileage, street and trail capability, and cool new looks, more people will be shopping KLRs to save money at the pump. The dealer's know this and set prices accordingly.  
  • Be sure you want the 2012: Remember, the 2012 KLR has no significant technical or mechanical improvements over last year's model. It's the same bike with the exception of the blacked out rims and so on. If looks are less important to you, shop around for a deal on the leftover 2011s. If only the 2012 model will do, be prepared to pay for it.