KLR650 Camping At The Lake

Here are a few pics from a recent camping trip. I rode less than I had planned, thanks to the rainy, cloudy, cool, and very windy weather. No sweat, those things sometimes happen.

The sun popped through a hole just long enough to get the upper picture with a dam in the background. As the sun was setting I got the lower picture. That sky shows how the sunshine was really hit-or-miss that day.

Trail riding through a marshy area I found this good sized snapping turtle. His shell was over a foot wide, much bigger than he looks in the picture. For some reason, I hurried on this picture and did not add something (like a dollar bill) to show scale. Later, I wondered, "why in the world would you hurry for a picture of a turtle?? It's not like he's gonna get away!!" 

"Snappy" was crossing the trail to reach a swampy area on the other side. As you can imagine, he was not making a lot of progress. After this picture, I moved him across the trail, as he hissed and flailed his legs in the air. When I set him down, he disappeared into some tall grass, a few feet closer to his destination thanks to a trusty KLR being in the right place at the right time!

The bottom pic was the end to a great day of riding. I am sorry to see the sun is setting much earlier these days. This has been a great summer, but the riding season is not over yet. I am planning a couple of road trips yet this fall. Stay tuned to KLR650 Adventures for more!