The Creepiest Baby I Ever Saw

I passed through Fort Ransom State Park in southeast North Dakota and discovered this work of art decorating the park ranger's office. The smiling fellow pictured on the right is North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple. From this angle, it appears the governor is quite happy with the Devil Baby.

Mary, the office attendant was very gracious in allowing me to interrupt her work to get this picture. I  thought "Baby Darth Maul" was pretty creepy and asked how she could work at her desk all day with it staring at her back. She laughed and said that she was not bothered by it.

Mary explained that an artist who spent a summer in the area created the statue and donated it to the park before moving on. The card above gave some meaning to the design, but failed to answer my most pressing question; what inspired you to create this evil looking creature? 

When it comes to art, I know little except what I like, and what I don't like. With that in mind, I am not qualified to judge this troll as art; good or bad. But, this creepy green baby with devil horns and yellow eyes mkaes a perfect Halloween decoration. It just needs to go back into the closet on November 1st.