Riding with the KLR Seat Upgrade

Two inches of fresh snow fell overnight, but by noon temps were in the upper thirties and the streets were clear. A little sunshine would have helped warm things up, but that never happened. The grey sky did not matter, I had waited long enough for the first KLR ride of 2013.

I installed the battery and seat with the Seat Concepts upgrade from my post  "Butt Sore No More." The "new" seat looked great and Sally started right up with a little choke. That putt-putt-putt sound as she warmed up, was music to my ears.

Before attaching the tail bag, I shot these pictures showing how the seat looks on the bike. My first impression was, "Wow - that is really wide." But, standing on the pegs felt the same as with the stock seat.

Setting on the seat, it was cushy, but not soft - I liked it. We took a short ride - more on that in my next post - but the cold, gusty, wind did not make for a pleasant day. Still, it was great to be back on the KLR and I liked the look and feel of the upgraded seat.