Ride Through the Woods and Around the Lake

This wraps up my three part post on our yurt camping weekend. Along with camping and wildlife photography, there was great off road riding.  

Tearing down tree lined gravel and scanning for an unexpected deer, or more than one, to dart across my path.

This deer was watching for a KLR to dart across his path!

The forest was still brown in the first week of May. The flat, dead grass helped me avoid large rocks and holes that were off the beaten path. 

Despite the lack of green in the woods, it was a warm and beautiful day riding around the lake and Sally was awesome in mud, gravel, and sand. 


The yurt camping weekend was great. But, all good things must end and I am looking forward to the next outing and great riding, Click these links if you missed: Part 1: Camping Weekend at the Yurt and Part 2: Where the Wild Things Are.

Cycle World's End of the World Bike

This short video shows Cycle World's winner from their best End of the World survival bike. I think most KLR riders would agree with this review. Click the picture to see the winning bike in action.

New Kenda 784 Big Block Tires

My KLX's previous owner ran full-on knobs that were awesome in the dirt, but not exacty "street friendly." I really liked that look, but needed a slightly more street oriented tire.

My buddy runs these Kenda 784 Big Block tires on his KLX and strongly recommended them. I took his advice and got mine mounted today.

On a short run around town, these Kenda 784 tires behaved much better than the old knobs.

Once they are broken in and get some mud on them, I will have a better idea if they are the right tire for me. More to come on this.