Shoei Hornet DS Helmet Review

I've spent a couple of months and several hundred miles wearing the Shoei Hornet DS in town, as well as on the highway; and I love this helmet. It is honestly the best helmet that I have owned. My list of legitimate complaints is zero, and my list of small, nit-picking complaints is also zero. Pretty much what you expect of a Shoei helmet.

The Hornet DS has been around a few years and received outstanding reviews and five star ratings from almost everyone who's worn it. Instead of repeating them, I will simply say - believe the good things you have heard. The Hornet DS is well built, quiet, and comfortable with a wide field of view. Even the paint and finish are excellent.

During a stop I attached the helmet to the KLR's helmet hook, then forgot it was there. Later on, I moved the bike ahead a few feet, while the helmet rubbed against the rear tire. The helmet came away with several black scuffs across the back.  It was my fault and I was not too pleased. But, the helmet cleaned up perfectly without a mar or scratch in the finish. Today, it looks at good as new.

The Shoei costs a bit more than a lot of other helmets, but if you are looking for a new lid, I recommend it. The Hornet DS has a well deserved reputation for great quality, comfort, and safety and for me, this helmet was worth the extra money.

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