Wolfman Wolf Tail Bag

I have ridden with the Wolfman Wolf Tail bag for over a year it has held up perfectly. Also good, this medium size bag holds a lot of stuff in its full 30 liter capacity. There is plenty of room for day rides and long distance adventures.
Keep your smaller gear organized in the three "crescent" zippered pockets; one each side and another on the rear of the main compartment. There is plenty of room in the main compartment for larger items.

The huge main compartment has room for a first aid kit, tool kit, snacks, and a couple of water bottles. This compartment also has a zippered gusset that expands this compartment to hold even more. 

On the front is a large mesh pocket. This pocket is handy for temporarily holding things, but the mesh and lack of a zipper limit the pocket's usefulness. The Wolf Tail bag is not waterproof, so pack accordingly.

On top, the bag has a adjustable bungee that's good for holding gloves when you are off the bike. All together, there is plenty of room for gloves, tools, water, or whatever you need to carry.

The bag attaches to the bike with bungees and hooks that allow for easy removal and installation. I usually leave the bag on the bike, but had a problem the one time I removed it. When reinstalling the bag, one of the plastic hooks snapped off.

These hooks are pretty beefy, so I was surprised and disappointed when it snapped. So, I emailed Wolfman and explained what had happened. Their customer service was great and they sent a replacement bungee & hook by priority mail, and without any hassle. Nice!

Some have asked if the bungees are strong enough for riding off road. Wolfman recommends a strap mounted bag for a rough off-road riding.  Personally, I have rode over some rough terrain, and the bungees have never caused a problem off road or at highway speed. 

Other nice to have features are a rear carry handle and a couple of D rings to attach a shoulder strap when you want to carry the bag with you. Finally, the rear and sides have reflective piping to help you stand out a bit better during night rides. 

If you need some extra hauling capacity for what ever you ride, the Wolf Tail bag is worth a look.