The JNS Engineering KLR 650 Skid Plate

I replaced the KLR's plastic skid plate with the  JNS Engineering skid plate because the JNS was specifically designed to fit with my SW Motech crash bars. I ordered online and the box came with everything needed; the plate, instructions, new stainless steel mounting hardware, even a tube of blue Permatex. Sweet.

Everything you need is in the box.
I liked the JNS skid plate right away. It was a heavy duty, quality, part and the black powder coating was another plus. This plate is a bit taller and longer than the stock skid plate and protects a larger area of your engine. The JNS easily bolted up and as advertised, fit perfectly with the SW Motech bars. This armor plate under my engine added something else I had not counted on.

The difference is night and day.
I stood back to admire the bike with the new skid plate, while still holding the old, plastic, plate. I wondered if anyone on eBay would want it. Just then my wife walked by and paused to look at the bike. She said, "The new one makes it look a lot tougher." I asked, "Do you really think so?" She gave the bike a second look and replied, "Definitely."

I tossed the plastic skid plate into the garbage can.

Oil drain plug is easy to access through the plate.