Sandwich Accident and Near Miss With Jerry Garcia Clone

The pic is a little rough, I only had my cell phone.
This morning I caught this picture on my cell phone just seconds after the accident at a busy intersection. I had planned to be on that side of the intersection, but a car had cut me off while approaching the light. I cut through a parking lot to avoid traffic and came out of the parking lot to see this pickup-car-van sandwich. The pickup on the left side of the sandwich is exactly where I had intended to go!!

While traffic was stopped for this accident, Jerry Garcia (from the Grateful Dead) almost ran over me. Jerry was fixated and staring at the accident while creeping over into my lane from behind. I beeped the horn and Jerry saw me just in time to stop.
I have never been a Dead-Head, but I have nothing against Jerry's music or his fans. In fact, I think Touch of Grey is a pretty good song. So, I am at a loss to explain why he came back from the grave to nearly run me down. But after that, I got out of there fast, before I ended up in someone else's picture. 

It is one crazy world out there - Be careful!!