KLR650 Riding A Closed Road

When I found this sign blocking an isolated gravel road through a state forest, I faced an ethical dilemma. Turn back or go on? This would be the end of the road for a car but, a KLR should not have to turn around for a simple "Road Closed" sign! So, I rode on past.

The narrow and largely overgrown road wound through the trees.making a beautiful ride. I wondered why anyone had bothered with posting the sign until the road suddenly ended in the middle of the forest.

Beyond the end of the road, this single track path ran on into the trees. I was having too much fun to turn back now, so I pressed on through the overgrown shrubs and trees.

The narrow path was packed dirt with a couple of sandy spots that the KLR easily plowed through. Avoiding the low tree branches and tangled bushes was an added challenge. A couple of miles later, the single-track ended at a small rocky beach with a great lake side view.

There were deer and raccoon tracks in the wet sand near the water's edge, but it was easy to imagine that I was the first person to 'discover" this lake. I hiked around the area and looked for another path or road, but there was none. It was a great location, but the end of the line.

I sat on a fallen log near the lake and just listened to the sounds of the forest. Aside from the birds, it was completely quiet and peaceful. I loved finding this spot but, soon it was time to start back for the highway. The area deer would get active near sunset and I wanted to avoid meeting them on the bike. 

I followed the same path and road back out of the forest, glad that I had ignored the "Road Closed" sign and trusted the KLR to get me through. Sometimes I go with my gut and let things work themselves out. This adventure was one of those times and it was totally worth it!