Ghost Orb at the Stanley Hotel

Halloween is approaching and I wanted to post a ghost story. I have never been a ghost hunter, except for my tour of the haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. While taking another look at those pictures, I discovered something I had missed earlier. You can decide if it qualifies as a ghost story.

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado
The picture below shows Alex the tour guide outside of room 401 and on his foot is what may be a "ghost orb." Ghost orbs are considered by some to be ghosts that appear as glowing balls in photographs. Many others claim ghost orbs are simply dust specks or insects reflecting the camera's flash.

Hey Alex, is that a ghost on your shoe?
Remember that 401 is the hotel's second most "active" room. Jason from TAPS (Ghost Hunters on SyFy) spent the night in 401 and recorded various bumps in the night, breaking glass sounds, and a closet door that opened on its own. The hotel's entire fourth floor is very active, so maybe I did get something here. Look closely and you can see the shoe and carpet through the ball of light. Would dust do that??

Close up of ghostly orb, or a transparent spec of dust.
I closely examined my 50 photos from the Stanley tour and only this one shows an orb. I did not see any flying insects during the tour, and it seems odd to catch one spec of dust in a single picture. It may be a coincidence that the orb appeared outside of room 401, you will have to make up your own mind. But, with Halloween less than a week away, I prefer to think I captured one of the Stanley's ghosts attempting to make its presence known.