Forgotten Places on the Prairie

There are large areas of America that are still very sparsely populated. Wide open spaces, where large cities and urban sprawl have never taken hold.  That is where I live and ride. On these forgotten back roads of the northern plains, I pass many abandoned buildings; farmsteads, schools, and churches. To me, they are weathered, windowless monuments of past times and people.

Recently, an old barn that I had planned to photograph, lost its battle against time and the elements. I rode by and saw the barn had collapsed into a splintered pile of weathered lumber. I had never found the time to stop. It was a lost opportunity, as well as a kick in my complacency. I now make time to collect photos of these forgotten places while they are still standing. It's hobby that I enjoy.

So, here is one of those places, a small group of weathered farm buildings on the North Dakota prairie. A few years ago an old, windowless, two story home stood near these buildings. The house collapsed and the mess was cleaned up and hauled away. These buildings and fence are all that remain of that farm.

Some time ago, this place was a home and a way of life to people I will never know. I rode slowly around the abandoned property and wondered who they were and where they went. Can you trespass somewhere that nobody claims? The sun was setting quickly and a gentle breeze rustled the tall grass as I shot these pictures. It was a lonely place and I rode away thinking how one day, the grass will finally reclaim this forgotten place on the prairie. I wonder if anyone will notice when it is gone.