2012 BMW ­­G 650 GS vs.2012 Kawasaki KLR650

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If you are considering either of these bikes, this  article will interest you.

The reviewers give a fair and accurate description of  the KLR650. The seat can be a pain, but I have no complaints about the brakes. The article did fail to mention the awesome look of the KLR's blacked out rims, but that's me being petty.

I have not ridden the BMW and will not make any comment on the bike. I expect the reviewer's treated it with the same honest assessment they gave the KLR.

Their final remark,"spend wisely, my friends," is very good advice. The BMW's higher price tag may be justified by it's technological advancements (ABS, fuel injection, etc.). But, is the benefit of these goodies worth the additional up-front cost and maintenance costs down the road? Only you can decide, but I will keep my KLR.