A Buffalo Admires A KLR650

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Buffalo
From the road in Theodore Roosevelt National Park: Creeping along in a line of slow moving cars today, I wondered what caused this slowdown. I finally saw the cause. This big fellow had laid down very near the road,  and was casually watching the cars pass. When I rolled by on the KLR, he suddenly stood up and looked directly at me. Gulp! I felt my heart thumping under my jacket, but I had no escape if he decided to charge.  

The picture does not do justice to the tremendous size of this awesome animal, who was only 30 feet away!!

Then I realized I was in no danger, this big guy was just excited to see a KLR650 cruising by. Now, I am not Dr. Doolittle (who talks to the animals) but, I could almost hear him saying, "Hey buddy, that KLR is the coolest thing I have seen today." His appreciation for a fine motorcycle gave me enough time to snap this pic before I passed.