Random Pictures From the Road

I take many pictures during my rides and the best are posted here. But, many others are left collecting dust in some forgotten folder on my hard drive. These are subjects I found photo-worthy at a particular moment. With that in mind, here a few of these random pictures from the road:

As an Air Force veteran I have an affinity for vintage military aircraft. This 1960's era T-33 is a common fixture in parks across the country. Three of them are within an hour's ride of me and I have seen them in many other states. It's not a particularly sexy aircraft, but the T-33 was a solid part of our nation's Cold War defense and is still flying for some South American nations.

Abandoned homes are fascinating because under the rotting floor boards you may find a rusty metal box full of old $1000 bills. They are also creepy because you know they are haunted as well as home to a rabid skunk or a serial killer waiting for the next victim to wonder through the door. Either way, best to keep a safe distance and take a picture!

These are the "Wide Open Spaces" the Dixie Chicks used to sing about. I liked this scene, but the barbed wire fence post needed some dressing up. That is the "Punisher" logo on my hat, not one of those aliens that crashed at Roswell, New Mexico.

This was along the Sheyenne River from a ride back in August. This isolated and peaceful spot was at the end of a rough and rutted dirt trail. It was fun to imagine being the first person to discover this place, but a fisherman had left some trash on the river bank. I hate that! When I left, I took the trash with me.

You never feel more alive than when you realize you have gotten way too close to a monster buffalo! I am amazed at how people line up to see and to show their kids these great animals. I believe many people view buffalo as a living connection to the Old West. I can relate to that.