Hungry In Moab - Try Eddie McStiff's

After a day of energy bars and bottled water on the trail at Moab, I was ready for some real food and pulled into Eddie McStiff's for a steak. McStiff's restaurant is located right on Main Street, and easy to find while cruising through town. They are also a brew pub and bar, if you are looking for more than food.

It was nearly dark when I arrived on Saturday evening during the dinner rush. The place was packed with no tables available. The bar was also "standing room only." So, I grabbed a table on the front patio. A car show was in town and the patio had a perfect view of the classic cars parading up and down main street.

I wondered if the server would forget me on the patio, but the service was great and soon I was looking at a dream come true on a plate. The steak was prepared perfectly and the sides were delicious.  This was easily the best meal I ate that day, and one of the best steak dinners I have eaten anywhere.

After eating, I lingered on the patio nursing another soda, watching the the car parade, and feeling good about a day on the trail and an awesome meal. I am not restaurant critic, but I recommend Eddie McStiff's next time you find yourself hungry or thirsty in Moab. 

Before firing up the bike and hitting the road again, I had to get the t-shirt to show that I had "been there, done that."