Deer in the Dark Video

Night riding videos are generally not interesting since you cannot see outside of the headlight. But, that can change when riding in a rural area with a lot of deer. 

In this short clip I am riding an unfamiliar gravel road on a very dark night. I had seen many white tails along the highway earlier in the afternoon. So, in this video I was going slow while scanning the sides of the road.

Suddenly, a large white tail doe casually walked across the road just ahead of me. She was way closer than it appears on the GoPro. I stop the clip on that frame and highlighted her head. Her rump also flashes past in the headlight. 

After this, I watched for other deer out on the right side. I thought I was saw some, but it was really dark and the light could have been playing tricks on me. 

Bottom line here is a reminder to adjust your speed and focus to the riding conditions. Think about what could go wrong and postion yourself to avoid trouble.